Fleur De Flea Vintage Market

The Fleur De Flea Vintage Market is a relatively unique, vintage urban market in Louisville, Kentucky. Located at 947 E. Breckinridge Street, this warehouse is home to some truly amazing items. The vintage market is a permanent, 35,000 square-feet indoor warehouse, close to Downtown, Louisville. This market is home to over 150 different vendors, selling a variety of items including: vinyl, antiques, mid-century décor, art, plants, books, and more. Not only does this store offer unique items, but come on a weekend and find their pop-up bar to enjoy a cocktail while you shop.

This vintage market is also host to many separate pop-up events throughout the year. These events range from vintage clothes pop-ups, outdoor flea markets, events at the Waterfront Plaza, and more. Each event typically has a theme, ranging from mid-century to clothing to plants and vinyl records. There are many scheduled events already in place for 2022, including: “Spin,” a vinyl record show on March 12th, “Thread Heads,” a vintage clothing pop-up sale on April 2nd, and “Mid-Century/Modern,” a pop-up for mid-century and modern décor. Most of these events are free and open to the public, however, some may have a cover fee. The cover fees are typically no more than $5 and are to support the local business and vendors alike.

Fleur De Flea Vintage Market In Louisville, Kentucky

An Inside Look At The Fleur De Flea Vintage Market

About Fleur De Flea Vintage Market

The Fleur De Flea Vintage Market is highly touted destination in the city of Louisville. Many different local blogs and magazines have given the vintage market the much-deserved high praise. According to LEO Weekly Magazine and The Voice Tribune, Fleur De Flea is the “Number One Antique Market In Louisville, Kentucky.” From the Flea Market Home And Living Magazine, Fleur De Flea is considered “Kentuckiana’s finest and largest indoor vintage and urban flea market.” And finally, voted by House Beautiful, “The absolute coolest flea market in Kentucky.”

If you would like to support this lovely vintage market in Louisville, you can visit them throughout the week. They are open Wednesday through Saturday from 11am until 6pm. Also, catch them on Sundays from 12pm to 6pm if you are nearby. This is one of Louisville’s gems, and another reason to Keep Louisville Local.

While In Louisville, Check Out Glenview

In the mid-to-late 1800s, many of the wealthiest residents in Louisville were seeking to build their dream estates. These estates were built with lavish ideas and perfectly executed. Glenview residential properties were built on high cliffs to take advantage of the beautiful scenery. After the completion of the Louisville, Harrods Creek, and Westport Railroad, easy access to the community was finally granted. While the railroad was abandoned in the 1950’s, and finally closing in the 1990’s, the expansion into Glenview had begun. The land where these luxurious homes were built was originally owned by a meat packer and was called Glenview Farms.

Glenview Homes For Sale | Premier Homes Realty

Beautiful luxury home in Glenview neighborhood

In the early 1980’s the city of Louisville attempted to annex the residential area. This attempt led the residents to form this sixth class city of Glenview in 1985. Following the creation of the city, many of the original residences, dating back to the 1880’s, were added to the National Register of Historic Places. A portion of these homes and gardens located on the original plots of land were included in what is called the “country estates historic district,” in hopes to keep the historic feel of the city.

Glenview Homes For Sale

Homes for sale in Glenview vary from house to house. With many different builders and designers having worked in the neighborhood, there is many styles on display. Homes for sale in Glenview can range from as low as $500,000 to well over $4.5 million dollars. The wide gap in home values are due to a lot of factors. Some of the main factors that influence prices in Glenview are: lot and lot size, home design, age of the home, and maintenance, to name a few. While most people would not usually think maintenance is a factor in home price, it is in this subdivision. Some of the homes for sale in the subdivision are close to 100 years old!