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Jefferson County, more commonly known as part of the Louisville Metro area, is one of the oldest establishments in Kentucky. With the name Jefferson coming from Thomas Jefferson hundreds of years ago, Jefferson County’s history runs deep. Located on almost 400 square miles of land considered Louisville Metro, Jefferson County houses to close to a million residents. While Jefferson County has been around since 1797, it just recently joined the City of Louisville in 2003. This merger between the City of Louisville and the governments of Jefferson County led to the  further development of what many locals call “J-town.” Jefferson County is the most populated and urban county inside of Louisville, and that does not seem to be changing anytime soon.

Jefferson County Neighborhoods

Douglass Hills



Lake Forest  

Stone Lakes    

Saratoga Woods


Over 200 years ago, Jefferson County was established in Kentucky. The original place of establishment was located alongside the Ohio River. This played a key role in developing the largest county in the state. Jefferson County used to be home to the City of Louisville. However, it has since merged with the city to create the Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government. Most residents refer to it as the Louisville-Metro area now, but before 2003, these two were separate entities.

One of the most well-known celebrities of all time was born in Jefferson County. For those of you that are from here, you may already know who that is. The world-champion boxer, arguably considered as the greatest boxer ever, Muhammad Ali, was born in Jefferson County. Other notable characters that were born in Jefferson County

Jefferson County Real Estate

Jefferson County is home to multiple thousands of acres, called the Parklands, that will eventually connect the community. After Jeffersontown slowly overdeveloped the farmland it started on, the county has an effort to purchase and obtain more acres of parks.

Jefferson County is also home to some of the largest manufacturing and shipping facilities in the states. UPS Worldport and it’s international distribution capabilities are located here, alongside SDF, Louisville’s International Airport. Jefferson County is also home to multiple industrial parks that house these companies, and others such as: Ford, GE, and Amazon. Jefferson County is a logistical powerhouse for many Fortune 500 companies because it is less than a day drive from more than 2/3rds the U.S. population.

Another thing to love about Jefferson County is the weather. The Metro is inside the Ohio Valley. While this may sometimes bring nasty weather like tornadoes, the Metro typically has great weather. Winters in  Jefferson County can be very harsh later in the season, typically January and February. Do not be surprised to see snow around Derby Season in Jeffersontown though. Summers in Jefferson County tend to be hot and humid with little rain in the mid-summer months. However, due to the humid sub-tropical climate, Jefferson County has all four seasons. Luckily for residents, spring and fall are overwhelmingly enjoyable in the county. Remember… one of the most told jokes from locals is “if you do not like the weather right now, just wait a few minutes and it’ll be something else.”

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