Middletown, KY

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Middletown, Kentucky

Middletown, Kentucky Homes are located off of Shelbyville Road, with commutes to many large cities within 30 minutes away. Downtown, Louisville is around 10 miles away, making Middletown a perfect city to live for professionals, families, and first-time home buyers.  Middletown is home to many popular residential neighborhoods, like Douglas Hills. The city is home to historical buildings, mom-and-pop shops, and the parklands that is full of beautiful scenery that give the area great character.

The city of Middletown, Kentucky was incorporated to become city that supports its own mayor and city council in 1982.  While the true experience of living in Middletown, Kentucky is not done justice through a few paragraphs, many current residents love the bustling community. Middletown is great for residents due to ease of access to shopping, amenities, and communities found alongside Shelbyville Road. Not only is this great community located on beautiful Shelbyville Road, but it is also just a short drive to I-64, giving fairly quick access to all of Louisville.

Middletown Real Estate

Middletown homes for sale typically range in price from as low as $75,000 to well over $350,000.  One unique aspect about real estate in Middletown is that the homes offer a wide-variety of home styles, including: ranch homes, farm homes, patio homes, traditional two-story home, condominiums and townhomes.  Middletown continues to cater to various needs that many residents want and need. Like Norton Commons, the concept “new urbanism” is what draws so many people to the area of Middletown.  While there are multiple neighborhoods in Middletown, most homes are concentrated into popular neighborhoods, such as Douglass Hills, Towne Creek, and Willow Wood.  These popular residential neighborhoods, along with others, contain the majority of homes in Middletown. The city of Middletown has become one of the most desirable places for residents to live, due to the ease of access and sense of community.

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