Single Homebuyers: Live Your Dream

Single Homebuyers and Their Dreams Many single individuals think that they are stuck with renting forever. However, if you are a single homebuyer looking to buy a home, you can make this dream a reality. One of the biggest factors in manifesting your dream is to get the right team of experts around you. According

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Home Prices And Rents: Will They Fall?

Home Prices And Rents Since the start of the pandemic, one thing has been consistent: home prices going up. With historically low interest rates, record number of homebuyers, and record high home prices, it is certain to say that real estate has been a safe haven. It has been a stressful time for some, a

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Buying Strategies For A Seller’s Market

Buying Strategies For Seller's Markets One of the most popular shows of the year was the Queen's Gambit. For those who do not know, the Queen's Gambit is a Netflix series about playing chess (kind of). See, chess is one of the best games one can learn, as it helps create strategies and problem solving

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Owning A Home: What is Overlooked?

Owning A Home: What We Overlooked As we at Premier Homes Team, and many other real estate professionals, have reiterated, owning a home is more than just a shelter. Not only does owning a home come with great financial benefits, but it comes with emotional, physical, and mental benefits as well. Becoming a homeowner, and

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Rising Mortgage Rates: Buyer’s Approach

A Buyer's Approach To Rising Rates Over the past two weeks, we have seen mortgage rates slowly tick up. With the exception of Black Friday's news on the new virus variant, rates have ticked up slowly for days on end. Freddie Mac has noted that the 30-year fixed rate has climbed above 3%, reaching as

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Your Home Equity Advantage

Take Advantage of Your Home Equity As we have previously discusses in our Premier Homes Team blogs, equity is a major advantage to homeownership. Across the nation, home equity grew substantially throughout the past twelve months, largely due to the overwhelming real estate demand. Prices for homes of all types increased drastically, with some markets

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Your Homeownership Journey

Homeownership Journey The American dream remains up for debate in the current generation. However, one dream for many Americans that cannot be ignored is homeownership. From millennials to first generation Americans, one of the biggest goals to achieve is owning your own home. While this might seem out of reach for many people, owning your

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A Home Sale Surge This Winter?

A Winter Home Sale Surge If you have been in or around the real estate market, you should know that the market has its seasonality. Throughout the winter months, especially from the week of Thanksgiving to the week after Christmas, real estate slows down. Like most industries, there are peak months or quarters based on

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Even Commercial Real Estate Is Being Bid Up…

Commercial Real Estate We have all heard about the soaring residential real estate prices over the past 18 months. However, commercial real estate has been ignored by headlines recently. It is no longer safe to forget about the commercial aspect of real estate though. Through the third quarter of 2021, industrial real estate shattered records

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Why the Mortgage Process Isn’t Scary

The Mortgage Process One of the biggest deterrents for many home buyers, especially first-time home buyers, is the mortgage process. From not knowing how it works, to being unable to commit to something as long as 30 years, many people struggle with the mortgage process. The process to applying for a mortgage should not be

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