Sellers Retract Listings At Record Pace

Sellers Retract Listings At Record Pace A new development in the real estate market of 2022 is that we are seeing sellers retract listings at a record pace. As we continue to see the downfall of the pandemic boomtowns, real estate prices, listings, and buyer demand are all decreasing. This is largely due to the

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Mortgage Rates Will Decline, Eventually

Mortgage Rates Will Decline In the past year, we have seen mortgage rates increase at a historical rate. With rates going from record lows to the highest levels in decades in a few months, the real estate market is hard to describe now. Over the past 11 months, we have seen fewer homes sold per

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Seller Questions This Winter

Seller Questions It is hard to argue that the real estate market did not change this season. That is because seasonality in real estate, higher prices, and higher rates have shifted the market. However, a switch this drastic in an industry will lead to some tough questions to answer going forward. Since buyers are continuing

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Homeowner Equity And Foreclosures

Homeowner Equity While the housing market is slowing in 2022 and will likely continue in 2023, there is a consensus that there will not be a foreclosure wave. This is good as a homeowner who are sitting on record home equity. A 2008 type scenario is highly unlikely to develop in this market. Homeowner equity

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Don’t Be Scared Saving For Homeownership

Saving For Homeownership For many Americans, homeownership is still a top-of-mind goal. After the historic housing boom we saw created by the pandemic, many potential buyers finally took the leap to homeownership. However, for some, they were priced out and forced to continue living where they are at. For some of these buyers, they might

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Today’s Housing Market is NOT 2008’s

Today's Housing Market With media outlets constantly barraging your inbox, timelines, and new feeds with how terrible the economy and housing market is, you might think that today's market is just as bad as 2008. However, today's housing market is no where near as bad as what we saw in 2008. This is due to

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How Recessions Impact Housing

How Recessions Impact Housing While it has been a while since we have seen a true recession, the word holds some weight in the housing market. Ever since the 2008 housing crash, the word recession gives those involved in real estate, whether professionals or clients, the chills. While this would be the most telegraphed recession

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