Housing Versus Inflation Control

Housing Versus Inflation Control As the Federal Reserve continues their campaign to reign in inflation that is ravaging consumers worldwide, there is one market that looks to remain resilient. That market is the real estate market. In fact, home prices continue to creep higher month over month, even as mortgage rates surge to start the

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Mortgage Rates And Home Purchases

Mortgage Rates And Home Purchases For those that are planning to buy a home in 2022, it is crucial to understand the correlation between mortgage rates and purchasing power. Your purchasing power is essentially how much home you can afford that is within your financial reach. Mortgage rates directly correlate to your monthly payment and

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2022 Housing Market Predictions

2022 Housing Market Predictions While what we have seen in the housing market over the past two years is likely unsustainable, some experts still predict a rapid increase in prices in 2022. Very few experts were predicting a double digit price increase in 2022, but most have revised their projections upwards. Because of this, we

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Home Price Appreciation For Homeowners

Home Price Appreciation For Homeowners For those who are planning on selling their home in 2022, the tremendous price increases we have seen is beneficial. However, prices do not just increase for no reason, and there is a driving factor to why prices are increasing. Sellers have the benefit of having access to an asset

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Inflation, Housing Market and The Federal Reserve

Inflation, The Housing Market and The Federal Reserve The Federal Reserve is stuck between a rock and a hard place. They are tasked with stomping out decades-high inflation without sending the economy into a recession. One of the biggest issues with that, however, is the red hot housing market. As the market continues to remain

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Knowing About Seller’s Markets

Knowing About Seller's Markets For those that haven’t been following real estate news, you’ve still most likely heard about the current sellers’ market. This is mostly because there is a lot of talk about the real estate market in today's media. What most people have heard about is how of a strong of a seller's

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Homeownership Fights Inflation

Homeownership Fights Inflation Pretty much every news outlet, social media network, and coffee shop has been talking about inflation in 2022. As many of you all have experienced in your everyday life, prices of most things have increased significantly. The increase of gasoline, food, and utilities prices has drastically impacted the overall ability to afford

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