Billtown Farms

Another beautiful neighborhood in Jefferson County is Billtown Farms. Billtown Farms is located right off of the Billtown Road exit on the Gene Snyder. The subdivision’s real estate is located on Billtown Road in Louisville, Kentucky. The neighborhood is an older neighborhood in the area, yet biggest neighborhoods in the neighborhood.

Billtown Farms Subdivision

The subdivision of Billtown Farms started development with popular developer Dominion Homes. Billtown Farms is nestled into the countryside of eastern Louisville. One key factor that influences the popularity of the subdivision is that location. Billtown Farms has immediate access to the Gene Snyder Freeway, giving residents access to all of Louisville in a matter of minutes. The subdivision started development in the late 1990s and developed their HOA to withhold the CCRs put in place by the builders. In 2001, the neighborhood established their HOA with a board of directors to help the continuity of the subdivision.

Residents of the neighborhood love the area for many reasons other than the beautiful homes. A number one reason to love the area is the ease of access to the rest of Louisville. Going down Billtown Road will take you to Jeffersontown in less than 10 minutes. Hitting the Gene Snyder Freeway allows you to be in Mount WashingtonFern CreekMiddletown, and other popular areas within minutes.

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Billtown Farms Real Estate

Homes for sale in Billtown Farms are priced in the low-to-middle range of house prices. Billtown farms features many traditional styles of builds which creates the range of prices. Starting on the lower end, Billtown Farms homes for sales can be priced as low as the $150,000 range. However, homes for sale in the subdivision can exceed $310,000 (according to recently closed and listed homes).

Homes in Billtown Farms often feature full vinyl siding, which lowers building costs like in Silver Oaks. Having vinyl siding instead of brick venire allows homes to stay more affordable for all buyers, especially first-time home buyers. Since the subdivision is built on the countryside of east Louisville, the landscape features rolling hills and beautiful scenery. The rolling hills allow for a few homes to have walk-out basements because of the way the lots are. Homes in the subdivision also mainly feature 2 car attached garages, allowing for storage of belongings or vehicles. The homes for sale in Billtown Farms can display a variety of building styles, including: ranch homes, traditional two-story homes, and single-family homes.

Why Jeffersontown?

Whatever you are in Jefferson County for, you will always have something to do. Jefferson County offers beautiful parks, innovative movie theatres, yearly festivals (Gaslight Festival), and more. Jeffersontown offers a convenient location, ease of access, and community. Jefferson County has been around since 1797. The city of Jeffersontown is possibly the oldest city in Kentucky. Companies like UPS, Ford, and GE were all major factors in the development of the county. Jefferson County is also home to some of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in in Louisville, such as Saratoga Woods and Stone Lakes.

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