Silver Oaks

Silver Oaks The subdivision of Silver Oaks is a relatively newer neighborhood located inside of Jefferson County. Silver Oaks development started in 1999, as part of their "phase one" development plan. The premier, single-family subdivision sits on approximately 17 acres. On these 17 acres, there are 252 homes and about 2,400 residents (according to the

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Springview Springview is a popular subdivision in the heart of Jefferson County. The subdivision of Springview is full of beautiful homes that are located off of Taylorsville Road and Ruckriegel Parkway. A not-so uncommon feature about the subdivision is that it is tied into multiple subdivisions in the area. This is a beneficial aspect of

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Jack O’Lantern Spectacular

Make sure to head out to the annual Jack O'Lantern Spectacular this year! The Jack O'Lantern Spectacular is the region's best Halloween event. Starting on September 30th and continuing through October 31st, the weeks long event is fun for the whole family! Get out and enjoy the walking path filled with Halloween decorations at Iroquios

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Pine Valley Estates

Pine Valley Estates is a beautiful and sought after neighborhood located in the heart of Jefferson County. The Louisville, Kentucky neighborhood features some of the most upscale living in all of the city. Pine Valley Estates started out as a smaller subdivision, named Pine Valley. However, over the years of popularity and development, the subdivision

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The Villages of Springhurst Neighborhood

The Villages Of Springhurst The subdivision of Springhurst is located in Jefferson County in the Northeast of Louisville, Kentucky. Springhurst started development initially in the 1990s, and is now considered an edge city of Louisville. Springhurst is home to some of the largest shopping areas in all of Jefferson County, with a large concentration of

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Polo Fields Subdivision

Polo Fields is a popular neighborhood in the Jefferson County area of Louisville. The subdivision of Polo Fields is a well-known subdivision because of the beautiful homes, golf courses, country club, and other amenities. The subdivision's mission is to provide value and enrich people's lives and relationships. With values of displaying excellence in everything they

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3 Upgrades That Increase Home Value

Some of the first questions buyers ask when purchasing a home are "can this wall be removed?" or "can we move the laundry room here?" The typical answer to this question is usually "it depends on two things, money and imagination." Almost anything can be done to a home, within reason, but not everything is

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Get Some Bento Box Today

Bento Box is a local business in Middletown, Kentucky, near Crumbl Cookie. Bento Box specializes in what their name says: bento boxes. Bento boxes are Japanese restaurant staples, and offer you a little bit of everything inside them. The boxes themselves are a wide tray that features several compartments. These individual departments are typically assigned

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