Plainview: Neighborhood Spotlight

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Homes for sale in Plainview, Jeffersontown, KY.

Plainview is a beautiful subdivision located inside Jeffersontown, Kentucky. The development of the neighborhood began on the Plainview Dairy Farms. The Plainview Dairy Farms owner Robert Tway sold the land to the developers of Plainview. The nearly 1,000 acre farm is now home to some of the Jeffersontown’s most beautiful homes and amenities.

Homes for Sale in Plainview in Jeffersontown, KY

Plainview Rundown

The homes for sale in Plainview are priced with varying ranges. Some homes for sale in Plainview sell for as low as $200,000. However, homes for sale in Plainview can reach close to $600,000 for the right home. Homes in the Plainview subdivision are built in many same ways as the houses in Saratoga Woods and Stone Lakes are. Most homes come designed with brick venire and finished basements. Homes in the Plainview subdivision also benefit from having larger lots, spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, open kitchens and updated interiors. Many homes in the subdivision feature attached two-car garages.

Plainview’s residents also benefit from the beautiful upkeep of the subdivision. Plainview Residents’ Association allows Plainview to continue to be a truly beautiful subdivision. Plainview has many public areas, including the Tway House, which allows the residents’ association to maintain a modern look in their landscaping. Even though there is a residents’ association, (sometimes called an HOA), the City of Jeffersontown maintains the subdivision as well. The Plainview Resident’s Association cares for public areas through plantings in the medians on
Timberwood Circle, Cambridge Station, Windfall Trace, Penny Royal, Whetstone Way, and Shelbyville Road. They are also responsible for the entrance signs at Timberwood Circle at Hurstbourne Lane and Cambridge Station at Shelbyville Road. The city maintains streets and sidewalks, as well as provides emergency response services, trash pickup and recycling collection. The city also maintains the Jeffersontown-Plainview Swim and Tennis Center, near the original Tway House.

Homes for Sale in Plainview in Jeffersontown, Kentucky

Jeffersontown Synapsis

Whether you are in Jefferson County for entertainment, work, or even a resident, you will always have something to do. Jefferson County offers beautiful parks, innovative movie theatres, yearly festivals (Gaslight Festival), and more. Jeffersontown is close to Middletown as well, featuring Taco City and Crumbl Cookies. Jefferson County is located right off of Taylorsville Road at Watterson Trail. J-town is one of the best places to live in Louisville. Jeffersontown offers a convenient location, ease of access, and community. Jefferson County established itself in 1797 and is one of the oldest cities in Kentucky.

Jeffersontown started as farmland and quickly developed after WWII. The development of Jefferson County is attributed to the development industrial parks. Companies like UPS, Ford, and GE were all major factors in the development of the county. Jefferson County is also home to some of the most desirable neighborhoods to live in in Louisville, such as Saratoga Woods and Stone Lakes.

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Homes For Sale in Plainview

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