Our business is about people, and at the heart of Premier Homes Realty is still personal service. We have prospered because we do our job really well. We know that the keys to success are timeless, age-old virtues: hard work, dependability, trustworthiness and professional competency. As we look forward to the future of our business, you can count on our Associates to carry on these time honored traditions.

Professional Integrity – The agents and staff of Premier Homes Realty adhere to the principles of the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics, and the professional standards of the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors. We pledge to our customers, clients, and to our fellow real estate professionals that we will always operate with highest integrity, never to be compromised.

Professional Advice and Accurate Evaluation –When selling your home, using our vast, local, market knowledge and constant research, we will help you establish a price for your home that will maximize your chances of a sale while maximizing your net proceeds. Our staff will expertly help you prepare your home for optimal appeal to buyers and present your home in the best possible light.

When purchasing your new home, we will use that same market knowledge and expertise to guide you through the complicated buying process of negotiations, inspections, repair requests and appraisals. Bottom line, we are here to help eliminate any roadblocks that may arise and get you to your next goal as seamlessly as possible.

Promotion of Property – In today’s world, marketing is always changing and evolving; Premier Homes Realty has our finger on the pulse of those changes for your benefit! We will devise a comprehensive and contemporary marketing plan that will give your property the greatest exposure to potential buyers utilizing all of today’s technology platforms.

Dedicated Service – From the day you place your trust in Premier Homes Realty, we will pledge to provide the quality of service you deserve as you move forward with selling or buying your home. We promise you will receive the highest standards of professional and personal service from beginning to end.