Curb Appeal 101

A home with great curb appeal will always stick out amongst the bunch. Whether that means new landscaping, paint, or lighting, a home with great curb appeal will always be the most attractive. In fact, there are many statistics that prove the importance of next-level curb appeal. Buyers also notice homes that have this curb appeal at levels that far exceed their non-appealing counterparts. While many home renovations do not always recoup the costs of their investments, curb appeal is one investment that can really personality. Not only do exterior upgrades make your house more appealing (no pun intended), but they are also usually done quickly.

What Really Matters

Many people think that adding cute flower planters and pallet-made benches are what buyers want, but think again. It is more beneficial to improve or replace items that would make your buyers walk away from a deal. The items that make buyers walk away are typically items that would be called out by an appraiser. While not all curb appeal items will be called out in the appraisal, some items will matter more than others. Upgrading and painting handrails, fixing pealing window paint, and adding exterior lights that actually work are all fixes that will matter to potential buyers. While most people think that creating a calm living space outside is curb appeal, it is based more on the finish of the exterior.

According to research provided in the 2017 Cost Vs. Value Remodeling Report, items such as replacing the vinyl and replacing a garage door return about 76% of your investment. Based on this research, it is smarter to focus on items that will not cost you all your cash before closing. As long as the exterior siding is in good shape and your garage door is in good, working order, these items can be left. It is more important to worry about items that will come up in appraisals, such as: peeling paint, standing water, or foundation issues.

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Curb Appeal Basics

Exterior painting and siding are also important factors to curb appeal for your home. Let us start with the front door. The front door is like the opening to a song, it should be inviting and welcoming. While there is a lot of color psychology that people believe in, the buyer should feel welcomed at the very least. Depending on where you live, what culture you follow, and your neighborhood’s HOA, front doors can be a variety of colors. The cost of painting a front door is only around $300 and will create a lasting impression on your buyers. Remember, the door is the first look into your home for potential buyers.

Finally, curb appeal and exterior lighting. Curb appeal has everything to do with how your home looks to buyers from their cars. A dark, over-grown home will look far less inviting to your buyers. Personally, this would turn me off of the home before I even get out of my car. This is the case for many potential buyers. Exterior lighting can make all the difference when adding to your curb appeal. According to National Association of Home Builders, around 40% of buyers believe that lighting is important to curb appeal.

Not only does lighting make your home more appealing to the eye, but it also improves safety. Illuminating the pathways, doorways, and porch areas provide safety on pathways in the dark. Another benefit of exterior lighting? Exterior lighting often times deters potential burglars. With the rise of doorbell security cameras, motion-sensor lights, and overhead cameras, exterior lighting is one of the final steps in creating a home that is theft-deterred.

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The Bottom Line

In conclusion, there are many options available to boost curb appeal. While this is not everything, this is a start. Creating a more welcoming home creates more potential for your buyers. In this market, first-time home buyers want a house that they can make a home. A home is somewhere where the buyers will feel safe and welcome everyday. Creating a home with great curb appeal will help buyers flock to your property. Is there a home for sale in your neighborhood that looks dark and run-down? Don’t be like them. These upgrades provided to you by Premier Homes Realty will make your home stand out. Remember, buyers look at about 10 homes before making an offer. Make your home stand out from the minute buyers arrive, and your selling journey will be short and sweet.