With a brand new location of Carali’s opening up down the street from the Premier Homes Realty office, we had to try it out. Carali’s Rotisserie Chicken is a unique chicken restaurant, with fresh, never frozen rotisserie chickens. Carali’s gets the name from its owners, with CA being for Carlos, the owner, RA for Rafeal, another owner, and LI for Rafael’s mother, who passed away. The name itself gives you a look into just how unique this restaurant is.

Carali’s Rotisserie Chicken Info

Carali’s Rotisserie Chicken was started to help Rafael’s mothers dream of opening her own restaurant. With Carali’s being opened, Lidia’s dream was finally granted. At this unique restaurant, you will be served anywhere from a 1/4th to a whole rotisserie chicken, sandwiches, salads, and soups. The chicken is never frozen, hormone-free chicken. The chicken itself has been marinated in a blend of Peruvian spices, and cooked in charcoal rotisserie ovens. From my personal experience, this is some of the most tender and delicious chicken I have ever had.

Carali's Rotisserie Chicken | Middletown, KY

Carali’s Chicken is a local business in Middletown, Kentucky in Jefferson County. At Carali’s Chicken, they have discovered the key to making rotisserie chicken. Using their charcoal grills, instead of gas or electric appliances, allows the chicken to tender and juicy. Their method of cooking is what gives their chicken the unforgettable taste. Also, Carali’s Chicken is focused on creating a wonderful experience for their customers. All their food is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

While In Middletown:
Douglass Hills

The subdivision itself is located on just under 1.5 square miles of developed land. In the 1.5 square miles that make up the subdivision, there is 1,400 single-family homes, 320 condominiums, 750 apartments, farms and a few local businesses. Located in central Douglass Hills, the neighborhood community is home to a large park with a community swimming pool. The neighborhood is home to amenities such as Warren Walker Park and Running Creek Park. These parks provide the neighborhood’s residents hours of relaxation just minutes from home. The neighborhood also provides its residents with tennis courts, the Faye Tanner Gazebo, and walking trails.

Most of the homes that are located in the neighborhood have brick venire and beautiful landscape areas. The neighborhood’s homes also tend to have basements in the majority of their homes. The subdivision offers a range of architectural designs, from ranch-style homes to traditional two-story single-family homes. Most homes in the subdivision benefit from having an attached two-car garage.

The subdivision also offers an estate section with larger, more expensive luxury homes. Douglass Hills East is also a section inside the neighborhood, with the east section being newer, affordable homes. The home price in Douglass Hills ranges anywhere from $175,000 to close to well over $400,000. If you are interested in homes inside Douglass Hills, or other neighborhoods inside Middletown, Kentucky, click here to see homes for sale.

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