All throughout Louisville, Kentucky, there are hidden gems. Mom and pop shops, boutiques, and local grub spots are what makes Louisville, Louisville.  Whether it is Taco City, Crumbl Cookie, or our new favorite, The Sweet Spot Candy Shop, Louisville is truly blessed by these local businesses. The Sweet Spot Candy Shoppe & Dundee Candies is home to over 160 bulk items of candy, walls of cotton candy and jelly beans, and many authentic sodas.

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The Sweet Spot Candy Shoppe


Dundee Candies

The Sweet Spot Candy Shoppe is a local business in Louisville that specializes in, you guessed it, sweets. Everyone has that powerful craving in the mid-to-late afternoon from time to time for something sweet. Sugary, sweet, and carbonated candies and drinks are some of our favorites. The Sweet Spot Candy Shoppe & Dundee Candies is the true sweet supplier for Louisville. This sweets shop has anything and everything you could dream of in terms of satisfying a sweet tooth. Not only does The Sweet Spot Candy Shoppe offer sweets and drinks, but their Dundee Candies specialize in  chocolates.

The Sweet Spot Candy Shoppe & Dundee Candies is located in the beautiful Highlands area in Jefferson County. To find this gem of a sweets shop, type in 1583 Bardstown Road, Louisville, KY, 40205 into your maps and press go. Once you arrive, you will find a Willy Wonka looking store that you would only expect to find in the movies. Inside the store is an experience in and of itself. Not only will you notice the beautiful colors and variety of sweets, but you will also find amazing owners of a small business in Louisville.

The Sweet Spot Candy Shoppe & Dundee Candies displays endless variety of candies, sweets, drinks, and more from all over the world! With classics such as Jelly Beans, cotton candy, pixie sticks, Laffy Taffy, and more, you will not be disappointed. I find it nearly impossible to leave without an amount of sugar that I do not regret. Creating a eutopia for children and adults of all kinds, The Sweet Spot Candy Shoppe & Dundee Candies store is a must visit on Bardstown Road!

The Sweet Spot Candy Shoppe

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Most homes for sale in Stone Lakes feature brick and vinyl sidings and feature finished basements (so your children never move out). While not every home has a lakeside view, most homes benefit from beautiful scenery behind their residences. The location of Stone Lakes is one of the most desirable aspects of the neighborhood. The subdivision is located within walking distance to Kroger, St. Michael’s Church and school, multiple restaurants and more.

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