Best Places To Eat in Middletown

Finding a good place to eat in a time crunch can be a bit frustrating. However, lucky for Middletown residents, your search can end here: Taco City. Taco City is one of the best places to eat in all of the city of Middletown. A personal favorite of the Premier Homes Team, Taco City is one of the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Louisville. With authentic Mexican styles and tastes, Taco City boasts itself as the go to place to eat, drink, and socialize.

Taco City Middletown, Kentucky

Eating Good at Taco City

Open for lunch through dinner, Taco City has a menu full of choices that will certainly have something for everyone. Taco City makes their food fresh daily with healthy and delicious ingredients that fit any dietary needs. With popular starters, such as cheese dip and chips or “Corn On De Cob,” and 18 taco styles, Taco City is a one-stop-shop for all things authentic Mexican. A highly recommended menu item is the “Wet Burrito,” a giant burrito on their BIG flour tortilla, filled with a choice of protein, rice, beans, pico de Gallo, and covered with delicious cheese sauce and jalapeno salsa.

Taco City, Louisville, Kentucky

Taco City is located in Middletown, Kentucky, directly on Shelbyville Road. The address for Taco City in Middletown is 11601 Shelbyville Road, Louisville, KY, 40243. Stop by weekdays after 11AM and Sundays after noon in order to have a taste of true Mexican cuisine right here in Middletown.

While in Middletown

After you eat at one of the best places to eat in Middletown, do not forget about the historic and old-timey feel in the city. Middletown is full of popular residential neighborhoods, historical buildings, mom-and-pop shops, and parks. A truly beautiful city, Middletown has a lot to offer anyone looking for the “new urbanism” lifestyle that has become popular over the past decade in Louisville.

Middletown is also conveniently located seemingly in the middle of Louisville, hence the name “Middletown.” The city truly has an advantage based on the location it in comparison to surrounding areas. Located within 10 miles of Downtown Louisville, Middletown is a perfect fit for professionals, first-time home buyers, and families. With many popular residential neighborhoods in the area, such as Douglass Hills, Middletown truly is a city for anyone.

Middletown Real Estate

Middletown Homes for sale typically range from $75,000 on the lower end, with home prices over $350,000 on the higher end. A unique aspect about the real estate in Middletown is just how many styles of homes someone may find. Homes styles vary from ranch homes, farm homes, traditional two-story homes, condominiums, patio homes, and townhomes. Middletown caters to all demographics and can satisfy the wants and needs of any resident. Middletown, Kentucky has become one of the most desirable places to live in all of Louisville. If you or someone you know is interested in buying or selling a Middletown home, contact us here.