Nightmare in NULU

With the spooky season quickly approaching, parents and children can be ecstatic about the Nightmare in NULU. This annual Halloween event is held in the NuLu area every year. For those who do not know what NuLu is, NuLu is the East Market District of Downtown Louisville. The area is known for its art galleries, specialty stores, antique shops, and restaurants. This year it will be hosting the Nightmare in NULU trick-or-treat event for anyone who would like to attend. The event will take place on Saturday, October 24th from 1-4pm. Nightmare in NULU continues to be a popular event in the East Market District. The candy for the event will be provided by Muth’s Candy, a local business in Downtown Louisville.

Historic NULU district at East Market in Downtown Louisville

Muth’s Candy

The sponsor for this year’s event is a local Louisville business: Muth’s Candy. Muth’s Candy is a time-honored tradition. This chocolate candy company has been around for over 100 years. Muth’s makes fresh chocolate candies everyday and have for the past century. The store was started by a brother, Rudy, and his sister, Beth, after Rudy returned from the first World War. The candy company has perfected its delicious recipes while using only the finest ingredients. Throughout the years, Muth’s Candy has become a “Louisville’s Oldest and Finest,” surviving and thriving in Downtown Louisville. Nowadays, the company is ran by the sons of Rudy, and the same fine ingredients are used today as they were 100 years ago.

Muth's Candy in NULU Downtown, Louisville

NULU Living

East Market District is loaded with local businesses and shops. Some of these shops include: Revelry, a shop with unique art and Kentucky-themed gifts, Scout, featuring stylish home goods, artwork, and jewelry, and Muth’s Candies which is home to the famous Modjeska – a caramel-covered marshmallow confection.

For food lovers, Feast BBQ has some of the best barbeque in NuLu. For those who enjoy wings as much as I do, Royals Hot Chicken is also nearby. Grind Burger Kitchen has set up a brick and mortar shop, upgrading from their food truck, for those with a craving for burgers.