Lights Under Louisville

Being a long-time Louisville resident, it is hard to have gone all these years without hearing of Lights Under Louisville. Lights Under Louisville is a must visit holiday attraction that is held annually in Louisville, Kentucky. CNN, The Travel Channel, and the USA Today all tout Lights Under Louisville as a top 10 holiday attraction in the country. Even TripAdvisor claims that this is a must-visit holiday attraction in Louisville, Kentucky. For those who do not know what Lights Under Louisville is, or who have never been, here is what the show is all about (

About The Lights

Lights Under Louisville is a tried and true Louisville tradition. The Holiday wonderland is one attraction that visitors come from all over the state and surrounding areas to visit. The ability to drive your own vehicle throughout the exhibit allows to stay comfortable with your family while enjoying the experience. Driving through the MEGA Cavern is an experience in itself. However, this experience is not found everywhere. In fact, the Lights Under Louisville holiday display is the ONLY underground light show in the world (according to their website).

Lights Under Louisville | A One-Of-A-Kind Holiday Light Show | Premier Homes Team

Visit Lights Under Louisville For A One-Of-A-Kind Holiday Light Show In Louisville, KY

Lights Under Louisville Is One Of A Kind

The only underground light show in the world is not a disappointment either. Each year, the MEGA Cavern is transformed into an underground light spectacular for the Christmas season. On this 30-minute ride throughout the MEGA Cavern, you can expect to see part of a 17 mile track of underground pathways. On these pathways, there is over 900 lit-up holiday characters, as well as over 4,000,000 points of lights. The only underground show of its kind in the world goes all out every year, so you will not be disappointed by taking the family.

Tickets vary in prices, but one could expect to pay $32.99 for a traditional vehicle. However, this year the MEGA Cavern is offering a Christmas Express again. The Christmas Express allows you to pay $19.99 per person for the experience. The show has already started on November 12th, 2021. However, there is still plenty of time to go see the wonderful light display. The display will go on until January 2nd, 2022. Daily hours of the show start at 9:30AM and closes at 10PM. These hours allow for people of any schedule to have a chance to attend.

Lights Under Louisville | The Underground Holiday Light Show | Premier Homes Team

Lights Under Louisville At The MEGA Cavern Continues Tradition

While In Louisville… Check Out Jeffersontown 

Jefferson County is home to multiple thousands of acres, called the Parklands, that will eventually connect the community. After Jeffersontown slowly overdeveloped the farmland it started on, the county has an effort to purchase and obtain more acres of parks.

Jefferson County is also home to some of the largest manufacturing and shipping facilities in the states. UPS Worldport and it’s international distribution capabilities are located here, alongside SDF, Louisville’s International Airport. Jefferson County is also home to multiple industrial parks that house these companies, and others such as: Ford, GE, and Amazon. Jefferson County is a logistical powerhouse for many Fortune 500 companies because it is less than a day drive from more than 2/3rds the U.S. population.

Another thing to love about Jefferson County is the weather. The Metro is inside the Ohio Valley. While this may sometimes bring nasty weather like tornadoes, the Metro typically has great weather. Winters in  Jefferson County can be very harsh later in the season, typically January and February. Do not be surprised to see snow around Derby Season in Jeffersontown though. Summers in Jefferson County tend to be hot and humid with little rain in the mid-summer months. However, due to the humid sub-tropical climate, Jefferson County has all four seasons. Luckily for residents, spring and fall are overwhelmingly enjoyable in the county. Remember… one of the most told jokes from locals is “if you do not like the weather right now, just wait a few minutes and it’ll be something else.”