Bento Box is a local business in Middletown, Kentucky, near Crumbl Cookie. Bento Box specializes in what their name says: bento boxes. Bento boxes are Japanese restaurant staples, and offer you a little bit of everything inside them. The boxes themselves are a wide tray that features several compartments. These individual departments are typically assigned a their own portion of the spread.

Bento Box Is Authentic

To Asian Cuisine

The Bento Box restaurant in Jefferson County offers these boxes, and many more Japanese favorites like sushi and sashimi. The concept for Bento Box is simple: blend fast food and casual dining. The food comes made-to-order, but offers the same quick service you would find at a fast food restaurant. Bento Box also features the casual dining experience of Asian kitchens and cuisine. Bento Box combines fast service and casual dining in order to accommodate all for everyone’s busy schedules. The new age meals and lower costs helps their concept without sacrificing the quality of their food.

Bento Box takes pride in the presentation of their food. The restaurant offers good Asian food at lower prices than their competitors. The local business takes pride in creating art with their food, and not just unforgettable flavors. At Bento, the focus is on honoring the authenticity of their cooking. While they strive to be authentic, they also innovate in their flavors to bring trendy dishes to the table. All their ingredients are fresh and prepared daily, and all food is made to order. With sauces made from scratch as well, Bento Box keeps true to their authentic roots.

Bento Box | Middletown, KY

While In Middletown:

Lake Forest

Lake Forest is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Louisville. The neighborhood offers many different amenities, private events, community events, and annual events. The subdivision is located near Middletown, right between Shelbyville Road, Old Henry Road, and the Gene Snyder Freeway. Lake Forest is one of the best neighborhoods in Louisville because of the location of the subdivision and the community association. The subdivision also bolsters a community clubhouse with a summer swim and dive team, annual events, and seminars for residents. The Lake Forest neighborhood also is home to a country club. This country club offers private club features available to members. These features include: golf, tennis, swimming, dining, and social activities.

The subdivision is located on over 2,000 acres of beautiful scenery that is home to over 1,700 homes. The neighborhood is one of the best places to live in all of Louisville, Kentucky. The location of the neighborhood is also found attractive, as it is located near Gene Snyder and Shelbyville road. The neighborhood is also around twenty minutes to Downtown Louisville. This makes the subdivision perfect for professionals who have to commute, but do not want to live in the big city. With the before-mentioned amenities, as well as the community and its association, Lake Forest will continue to be attractive to many local buyers.

Lake Forest Homes for Sale

Homes for sale in Lake Forest can vary depending on multiple factors. The neighborhood started development in the early 1980s, and the growth has not slowed down since. Home prices in the subdivision vary depending on which home a buyer is interested in. Older homes in the neighborhood that were built around 25 years ago tend to make up the lower end of the range with new construction homes filling out the higher end. Homes prices in the neighborhood have a large spread, with the lower end being $275,000 and the upper reaching over $2 million. The inside of homes offer a wide variety of floor plans. Most styles that are on display in these houses are in line with what clients would expect to see in luxury homes.

Click here to look at the MLS listings for the Homes for Sale in Lake Forest. The neighborhood is a beautiful place to live and everything a resident could ever want or need is provided. An excellent location, great community, and beautiful homes make Lake Forest a wonderful place to live. Feel free to reach out to anyone on our team if you are interested in buying or selling your Lake Forest home. Additional statistics for Lake Forest are available here (for you statistics nerds).