Coming off the heels of the Middletown Festival, this week we have been celebrating the Gaslight Festival in Jeffersontown, Kentucky. For those who are new to the area or do not know what the Gaslight Festival is, allow me to explain. At Gaslight, one should expect to see many vendors, musicians, parades, and other events for all ages. The annual festival is held in Jeffersontown on the 3rd week of September every year.

Gaslight Festival 2021

Gaslight Festival History

The 2021 Gaslight Festival is the 52nd annual festival, dating back to 1969. While the Festival started out as much smaller and less know street party, it has slowly became one of the most talked about events of the year. Gaslight has came a long way, and along the way has became a top 20 festival in the Southeast. Gaslight is held by The Chamber Jeffersontown and brings an estimated 200,000 people to the city each year.

The Gaslight Festival is centered inside of Gaslight Square and has evolved from a small party to an eight-day event. The Festival is an integrated part of the Jeffersontown community, and is something to look forward to yearly. The Festival itself now hosts a motorcycle rally, car show, golf scramble, 5K marathon, parades, the Balloon Glow, live entertainment and over 200 vendors. If someone is unfamiliar with Gaslight, they can always rely on it being the third week in September. The Gaslight Festival offers a great way to connect the community and get to know your neighbors. Do not forget that the festival is pet-free, so leave the fury ones at home.

Balloon Glow

The Balloon Glow is one of the most anticipated events each year at Gaslight. The Balloon Glow takes place at Skyview Park, a beautiful park in the Jeffersontown area. The best thing about this event? There is no price for admission, meaning attendance is free. Not only is this a great event for all ages, but the Balloon glow also offers food trucks, retail vendors from across the country, and activities for children. This event begins on Friday, September 17th at 6pm and ends the same day at 9pm.

Gaslight Festival Balloon Glow 2021

Gaslight Festival Weekend

The main festival is the weekend Gaslight Festival. With over 135 vendors attending this year from all over the country, you truly have to attend the festival to get the full effect. Over 130 local businesses, small businesses, and non-profits in Louisville, KY come to spread awareness for the weekend event. The festival is the main attraction of the week, taking place September 17th-19th in 2021.

Gaslight Farmer’s Market

Starting early Saturday, September 18th, attendees are able to explore a truck and other equipment that are used to provide our food everyday. Visitors will be able to see a variety of tools, machines, and equipment that includes farming implements and firetrucks. Children tend to love this event because they are allowed to explore the equipment while asking their questions along the way. The main contributors to this event include the Jeffersontown Police and Fire Departments, Jeffersontown Public Works, Louisville Water Company, LG&E and more. Attend the Farmer’s Market at Gaslight on from 8am to 2pm, regardless of the weather. Entry to vehicles are free and questions are encouraged.

Jeffersontown Community

The community of Jeffersontown is located on Taylorsville Road at Waterson Trail in Jeffersontown, KY. As one of the most known and desirable cities in Louisville, Jeffersontown has a lot to offer because of location, events, and the community itself. The city, commonly referred to as J-town,  was founded in 1797 and is one of the oldest establishments in the state. The city of Jeffersontown started as farmland, and was quickly developed to a residential paradise in the early 1900s. The rapid expansion of the city, led by the introduction of manufacturing plants in the area, has not slowed. Jeffersontown is located conveniently close to interstate 64, Blakenbaker Parkway and Hurstbourne Parkway. To view the MLS listings in Jeffersontown, continue reading to be redirected to the MLS.

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