With summer coming to an end here in Louisville, Kentucky, many residents are looking for events to enjoy with the better weather in September. A place that is on our list of must-tries before summer’s end is: Crumbl Cookies. Head over to Crumbl Cookies and try their world-famous cookies while getting to see them all mixed, balled, and baked right in front of you. Crumbl Cookies is one place you won’t want to miss out on trying this summer.

Internet Famous Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl Cookies has become one of the hottest dessert places in Louisville, Kentucky this summer. The newly opened Crumbl Cookies is home to over 120 flavors that are used on a rotating schedule. This lovely cookie company was started in Utah in 2017 and throughout the years, Crumbl Cookies has became a popular destination for those with a sweet tooth. With a call to action of having the “best cookies in the world,” Middletown and its residents have had the luxury of having some of the largest cookies you will ever see.


Crumbl Cookies was started by two cousins who have a passion for anything sweet. Crumbl Cookies combines all things we love: cookies, pies, candies, and puts them into a single cookie. With award-winning milk chocolate chip cookies, Crumbl Cookies has made a name for themselves as a must-go dessert place when in Middletown. Crumbl Cookies prides itself on its open kitchen style, where you can go in and watch your cookies being mixed, balled, and baked right in front of your eyes. Crumbl Cookies are baked to perfection and then packaged in their bright pink packaging and sent on their way. Come visit Crumbl Cookies in Middletown, KY for a wonderful experience and delicious treats.

Living in Middletown, Kentucky

Middletown, Kentucky, one of the most popular towns in all of Louisville, has become a top place to live in the city. With a dense urban population and multiple small, local businesses thriving in the area, Middletown, Kentucky, and the popularity behind it, do not look to slow down. With the adaptation of “new urbanism,” the city of Middletown is a thriving area where many clients often look to.


Middletown, Kentucky is located on Shelbyville Road, fairly close to Downtown, making for around a 10 mile commute for most residents. Middletown is full of residential neighborhoods, historical buildings, mom-and-pop shops, and beautiful parks. The city of Middletown was established in 1797, and has grown into a popular place for first-time home buyers, families, and professionals. Living in Middletown is hardly justified through a few paragraphs, as the city itself has a one-of-a-kind feel. With Middletown being located on Shelbyville Road, home of many historical and local businesses, residents can enjoy ease of access to shopping, amenities, and extra-curriculars.

Real Estate in Middletown, Kentucky

Home prices in Middletown, Kentucky have ranged from as low as $75,000 to over $350,000 in recent years. With a wide-variety of different architectural designs throughout the city, residents often times can choose between: traditional two-story homes, ranch style homes, patio homes, condos/townhouses, and even farm houses. If you are interested in finding your next home, or selling your current home in Middletown, Kentucky, reach out to Premier Homes Realty.