What if I am Unhappy with your Service?

Asking this question gives you an opportunity to discuss what may need to happen in order to leave the contract you signed with your Premier Homes Realty agent.  If at any point you find that working with your agent is not working you should bring it up to them. Let your agent know how you

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How does your commission work?

Typically, buyers do not pay agent commission fees. Fees are paid by the seller to their broker, and then the commission is split with the buyer’s agent. Buyers will generally pay no fees to their agent.  Sellers percentage varies by agent and market, and will be discussed with your agent to determine what the brokerage

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Can you recommend (fill in the blank)?

Premier Homes Realty works with a network of mortgage brokers, inspectors, real estate lawyers, general contractors,  and anything else you can think of involving homes should all be things your agent can recommend. We are happy to recommend someone, or work with anyone you may have in mind. 

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Do you have referrals?

The answer is a resounding yes. Premier Homes Realty is nearly 100% referral based. We do not spend money on outside marketing, we rely on simply our reputation. We have a referral sheet we can provide from real clients, not fake online reviews.

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How many Clients have you Helped?

Asking this question helps to demonstrate what type of experience the Real Estate Agent has. It's a much better indicator of experience than asking 'how many years have you been in the business? Premier Homes Realty's agents have a combined 50 years of experience, but better than that, we have helped over 400 families find

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Are you a full-time agent?

The first questions you should ask a Real Estate Agent is if they work full-time. If the answer is 'no' that is a red-flag and typically is reason enough to move on to the next candidate. Would you want someone working for you part-time? Premier Homes Realty's agents are full time and are available when

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