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Springview is a popular subdivision in the heart of Jefferson County. The subdivision of Springview is full of beautiful homes that are located off of Taylorsville Road and Ruckriegel Parkway. A not-so uncommon feature about the subdivision is that it is tied into multiple subdivisions in the area. This is a beneficial aspect of the neighborhood because it provides residents with ways around the traffic in Jefferson County.

The subdivision of Springview started development in the 1990s. It has now become a popular place to live in Louisville. The subdivision prides itself not only on its location, but also on the sense of community. With walking trails, beautiful scenery, and an HOA, the neighborhood is a place many people want to live. The subdivision of Springview is home to many styles of homes, adding to the potential of a match for a buyer.

Springview Homes For Sale | Springview | Louisville, KY | Premier Homes Realty

Homes In Springview

The homes for sale in Springview are typically in the middle-range of price for Louisville. The range for home prices helps make the neighborhood more available to all types of buyers, especially first-time home buyers. Homes for sale in Springview are typically in the price range of $150,000 to $260,000 (based on data from 2021). The range in home prices is dependent on the style and finish of the home that a potential buyer shows interest in.

Homes for sale in Springview typically offer vinyl siding, as opposed to many neighborhoods having some or all brick venires. While many people enjoy the look of brick, vinyl offers a way to reduce housing prices, making housing more affordable in the neighborhood. Vinyl siding also tends to be fairly durable, although your lawnmower or weedwhacker may fling something at it to create small, cosmetic-only imperfections. Vinyl siding also requires little maintenance, with recommendations of cleaning once a year, at the end of summer.

Homes for sale in Springview also tend to feature walk-out basements. Because of the terrain having many hills where construction was, walk-out basements tend to have backyards that will be slopping away from the houses. Homes in the subdivision have modern designs, which allowed the builders to have more modern approaches. The homes were built to have open floor plans, instead of the four over four approach. Many homes in the neighborhood have also been well-kept and updated. These updates include improvements such as: new vinyl windows, new appliance, updated mechanicals (such as HVAC), and more. Many homes also feature luxury vinyl floors and updated kitchens.

Homes For Sale in Springview

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