How Potential Recessions Impact Housing

How Potential Recessions Impact Housing One of the biggest takeaways from the Great Recession of 2008 was the crash of commercial and residential housing. However, these two are not synonymous with each other. A recession, which would still are not even sure if one will happen, does not lead to a housing crisis every time.

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Homeowners Benefit From Price Increases

Homeowners Benefit From Price Increases As we have previously discussed in our real estate blog, home prices have surged throughout the United States. According to the National Association of Realtors, NAR, home prices rose in 99% of measured markets. In fact, 78% of measured markets saw double-digit price gains. Fortunately for many buyers, especially first-time

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Home Sales Will Continue at Record in 2022

Home Sales Continuous Increase There has been talks that the rising mortgage rates will taper the real estate market. While rising rates may price out the lower end of buyers, these rates are still at historically low levels. Mortgage rates are still well below their 5-year average, which sits in the middle-4% range. Many experts

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Homeownership Rates Across The Nation

Over the course of the pandemic, it seems like everyone has purchased a home. While this might seem like the phenomenon, it is not entirely the case. Over the past year, homeownership rates have remained little changed. With the national rate of homeownership maintaining at 65.4%, the rate is still well above the average rates

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